YouTube: Change the layout of the video page

YouTube is one of the most visited Website on the planet. Everyone of us visit YouTube once in a while to watch new interesting videos that has been uploaded on it. While watching videos, you might have noticed that the website lack some features which limits the enjoyability of the viewing experience for the viewer.

For an instance, the size of the video player always remain same regardless of the screen size of the browser window which means no matter you have 27 inch screen or 15 inch browser window you will always see the same size video player. Though you can choose a full screen window but still YouTube video player doesn’t provide enough option to perfectly fit the Screen.

Other issue included are the position of the comments, well this ain’t exactly a problem but still it would have been better if you can watch the video and read the comments at the same time. Which you can’t do in current YouTube layout.

This is where the userscript Unique YouTube Skin comes handy. It’s a JavaScript that dramatically changes the layout of the video page on YouTube.

YouTube: Change the layout of the video page

In the above screenshot you can see this script moves the video to the left and everything else that usually show below the video to the right. With this layout you can read or leave a comment while watching the video at the same time.

Another worth mentioning feature this script adds is that the video automatically gets re-sized with the browser window to fit it. I personally tested this script in both Firefox and Opera. Firefox did faced a bit of trouble in fitting the video with the browser window whereas in Opera the script worked like a charm.

Overall, this script provides a really useful solution for those who often like to read comments while watching video or don’t like to manually change the screen size to full again and again.

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